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13 things to consider when buying a condo

I recently showed a first-time homebuyer his first condo on our home search. We walked into the unit, I turned on the lights, and he just stood there.
“What do I do?” he asked. “What am I looking for?”
I was a bit taken aback. I show so many condos and most buyers just sort of make themselves at home and start walking through. It was a good opportunity for me to have a refresher in showing property (and gave me a great idea for this blog post!)

Condo Considerations

  1. HOA dues! How much are they? What do they cover? How will the monthly dues affect how much you can spend?
  2. What style of condo are you looking for? The Atlanta condo market has a multitude of available styles including low-rise, high-rise, with or without amenities, walk-ups, garden-style, mid-rise, historical, live/work, etc.
  3. Do you know the neighborhood? Does it suit you? Are you comfortable with your commute?
  4. If you’re buying a high-rise, choose the best view you can afford. Because…duh, and it helps with resell.
  5. Does the layout work with the way you live? For instance, a wall of windows is nice, but if it doesn’t fit with your existing furniture (and you don’t want to buy all new pieces) it might not work for you.
  6. Pay attention to where the unit is in relation to the elevator. Do you want to be closer or further away? Closer is more convenient, but you’ll encounter the most traffic.
  7. A great parking space (or an extra one!) is a hot commodity. Even if you don’t drive, you can always rent it out.
  8. Storage lockers or cages are also sought-after. There is rarely enough storage space in a condo.
  9. Find out about visitor parking. How many spaces are available? Will your guests have to pay to park if they come visit you?
  10. What type of condition is the unit in? Will you need to do any updates/renovations? And is this something you’re willing to do?
  11. Note the condition — and aroma — of the lobby and common areas such as hallways and stairwells.
  12. Ask other owners about their experience in the building/community.
  13. Consult with an agent (like me!) to discuss comps and an offer to make sure you’re making the best investment possible!

Paramount at Backhead

One of my favorite Atlanta condo buildings, Paramount at Buckhead.

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