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A Home for the Holidays?

Thinking of purchasing a home? Between now and the end of the year may be the PERFECT time to do so! While usually thought of as the real estate “slow season,” if the timing is right for you, there are many advantages to purchasing during the holidays.

Less Competition

We often tell our sellers that the winter season is the time to list, as there is much less competition on the market. In the same token, there are also fewer buyers. If you’re a buyer who has noticed how ferocious the real estate market has been recently, the reduced number of buyers can be a welcomed change.

Better Deals

The sellers that choose to stay on the market during the holidays may be more motivated to sell. Oftentimes, these sellers have been on the market since the summer or fall, and may reduce their asking price to entice an offer

Tax Write-Offs

Closing on a property by year’s end can mean certain tax benefits. Some settlement costs that may be tax deductible can include pro-rated property taxes and prepaid mortgage interest paid at closing.

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