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❓Is the housing market crashing?❓

Common question I receive daily: Is the Atlanta housing market crashing? Should I wait to buy a home to see if housing prices decrease? My thoughts? You may be waiting awhile if you’re waiting for housing prices to decrease. In most other previous economic downturns, home prices continued to appreciate at an even pace. The exception to this of course is the 2008 Recession. The difference there? That recession was largely driven by the housing boom that preceded it + loose lending restrictions. Significant job loss paired with homeowners who had little to no equity in their homes was a recipe for disaster. That is not our current situation. While Atlanta home prices have been rising ...

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Our Favorite Spots to Beat the Heat

Even though summer is winding down, the mercury is still rising in Atlanta and we’ve still got some scorching days ahead. Below, check out The Blair Sells Team’s favorite ways to stay cool! Zoo Atlanta Splash Pad Liz Booher One of our favorite spots to beat the heat is the splash pad at Zoo Atlanta. As a mom with a wild toddler who can’t swim yet, splash pads are an amazing option. It’s a place where he can run and get his energy out while staying cool and playing in the water. There are some days we go to the Zoo just for the splash pad and some ice cream. There are several different membership options but all include unlimited day time access and other discounts. You can f...

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Real Estate 101: Who’s Who in a Real Estate Transaction

Are you considering buying or selling a home? You might find it valuable to know all the players in the transaction, and who does what throughout the process. Listing Agent The Listing Agent is a real estate professional who typically represents the seller as a client. They list the property in the MLS and perform various marketing duties for the seller determined by their listing agreement. Their goal is to find a buyer for the property. Typically, the listing agent is paid a commission once the property successfully closes. Selling Agent/Buyer's Agent The Selling Agent is a real estate professional who typically represents the buyer as a client. The agent will explain the buying pr...

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My clients received one of those “instant offers” on their home—here’s what I learned

The way people buy and sell homes is constantly changing, and in the last year Atlanta has seen tons of new “instant offer” players come into the market. Companies like OpenDoor, OfferPad, Knock, and even Zillow are buying homes. These instant offer websites ask sellers to provide some information about their home and receive their offer within a few days. Sounds painless and too good to be true, right? I was recently able to get firsthand experience with two separate companies and their processes. If you’re considering selling your home to one of these instant offer companies, check out my list below of a few things I learned. 1. Expect a low offer These companies intend to...

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4 Places to buy your Thanksgiving Pie

Colder temperatures and the approaching holidays mean pie season is here! Served a la mode, at the end of a big holiday meal, or even for breakfast (we won't judge), there's no wrong way or time to enjoy a slice of pie. Check out our list of some of our favorite Atlanta pie places! Buttermilk Sky- We're partial to their Buttermilk and I40 flavors, but their seasonal pumpkin is not to be missed! Sugar Shack- With fruity flavors (like apple, blueberry, or cherry) or the classic Thanksgiving staple, pecan, there's something for everyone at this Brookhaven favorite! Alpine Bakery- This spot is convenient for those OTP, with two locations to choose from (Woodstock and Crabapple). ...

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What I Learned From Flipping a Home

Throughout my years in Atlanta real estate, I have helped many investors grow their pockets with investment property flips. So last fall with the Atlanta real estate market on FIRE, and my husband and I looking for a new investment adventure, we thought we’d try our hand in a home flip of our own! How We Found Our Home In addition to scouring the MLS for potential properties, I signed up for emails from wholesalers to find off-market deals. The property we ended up purchasing was close to our home (which was important to us to be able to check in on the contractors) and was listed in the MLS. We ended up getting the home for 10% under their ask price. Why We Chose Our Home We c...

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Simple Staging Tips To Sell Your Home

The Atlanta housing market is sizzling this summer! Even though the lack of inventory is creating a seller’s market in most areas, buyers are still choosy and have big expectations when selecting their next home. Sellers need ensure their home is staged well and shows its best in order to get top dollar. Perhaps a huge renovation project isn’t in the budget prior to listing your home. That’s okay! You don’t always have to spend big money to have a big impact. Our resident design expert and Nationally Certified Home Stager, Liz Booher, is sharing some easy staging tips to make sure your home stands out above the competition. 1. Stage your closets. Ample storage is atop many buyers...

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Should You Appeal Your Tax Assessment?

If you’re still suffering from sticker shock from your most recent Fulton County tax assessment, you’re not alone! County-wide, Fulton County property owners should expect to see an increase in their assessed value as the real estate market continues its upward trend and prices continue to rise. Assessments were mailed this week, but if you haven’t received your assessment yet, you can check online through the Fulton County Board of Assessors website. Remember, the notice of assessment IS NOT A BILL. So what happens if you think the valuation is unfair or inaccurate? You have the opportunity to file an appeal, but you must do so within 45 days of the date printed on your assessme...

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Why You Need a Listing Agent in a Hot Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the Atlanta real estate market is highly competitive right now and is certainly favoring sellers in most areas. It seems like all you have to do is stick a sign in the yard and call for highest and best offers. Buyers are falling all over themselves and throwing earnest money deposits at you. They’re waiving inspections and contingencies, offering over ask price, and letting the sellers occupy the home post-closing, free of charge. As a seller, you might be asking yourself, “why wouldn’t I try to save some money on that listing agent’s commission and just handle the transaction myself? Do I really need an agent?” Yes! You absolutely do! Any experienced listing...

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Janna and Steve

"We were stressed about the home buying process when moving from Connecticut to Atlanta but Blair made it easy. She was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and was attentive to every detail. The best!"