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“After hiring and firing two agents over a 6 month period to help facilitate my relocation from L.A. to Atlanta, I decided I’d serve as my own buyers agent. That’s how I met Blair. I called her to inquire about one of her listings. Within the first few minutes of the call, Blair concluded that her listing didn’t meet my needs but she would run a search for others that would. Minutes later, I was reviewing a list of promising options. We worked together long distance for a couple of weeks and, with only one trip for showings, I made an offer that was accepted. Here are the things I most appreciated about Blair 1) responsive, good follow through 2) good researcher, digs deep to research pricing options, comps, etc. 3) detail-oriented, did not miss anything during the purchase/sale negotiation 4) warm, friendly attitude 5) good use of technology – amazing but many agents don’t know how to use the online MLS properly.”