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Why You Need a Listing Agent in a Hot Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the Atlanta real estate market is highly competitive right now and is certainly favoring sellers in most areas. It seems like all you have to do is stick a sign in the yard and call for highest and best offers. Buyers are falling all over themselves and throwing earnest money deposits at you. They’re waiving inspections and contingencies, offering over ask price, and letting the sellers occupy the home post-closing, free of charge. As a seller, you might be asking yourself, “why wouldn’t I try to save some money on that listing agent’s commission and just handle the transaction myself? Do I really need an agent?” Yes! You absolutely do! Any experienced listing agent will tell you, finding the buyer is usually the easy part. It’s everything that happens contract to close that really shows how I earn my commission.

I’ll get you more money. On average, according to the NAR, homes listed with a real estate professional net a seller 24% more than homes listed for sale by owner.

I have the experience. How many homes have you sold? Do you have extensive experience in handling multiple offers? Anyone can review offers and find the one with the highest price, but do you know how to choose the best and most qualified buyer from the offers you might receive? Do you understand earnest money, and what amount is typical for your area? Are you skilled in understanding purchase and sale agreements, special stipulations, contingencies, and what your responsibilities are as a seller? Do you understand the entire process from contract to close? If you are unsure in any of these areas, an agent will be worth every penny to you.

I will fight for you. According to the NAR, 87% of buyers use a real estate agent when purchasing their home. But buyers’ agents work for the buyer. Their job is to get the best possible deal for their client. As a seller, it benefits you to have someone representing you, in your corner, fighting for your best interests.

I will guide you. A big part of my job is to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Should issues arise, I can help troubleshoot. This includes navigating through inspection repairs requests, the appraisal process, the closing, and everything in between.

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